DCS Projects in Pakistan

Madina Sugar MillsDistillery Unit III12922018
Ramzan Sugar MillsDistillery Unit I19802018
Madina Sugar MillsFFE’s / Boilers11002018
Ittehad ChemicalsIEM III16542017
Sitara Chemical Industries Ltd.Calcium Chloride Plant Automation4502016
Ittehad Chemicals Ltd.IEM-II Phase II Extension + Evaporation + Furnace Automation3542016
Mirpurkhas Sugar MillBoiler, 6MW Turbine and Mill House 1 & 4 Automation2502016
Madina Sugar Mills100,000 liter/day Distillery + Biogas + Boilers14742016
Al-Noor Oil TerminalOil Tank Level Management System4202016
Rupali PolyesterAutomation of Polymer Plant2202015
Mirpurkhas Sugar MillsBoiler Automation2002015
Ittehad Chemicals Ltd.75 tpd Caustic Soda Plant – IEM-II9562014
Bestway Cement HattarTotal Plant Automation85002014
WapdaMuzzafargarh250MW Turbine Upgradation + Control55002014
Olympia Chemical Limited10 MW Turbine for CFBB2152013
Nimir Chemicals Ltd.New Fatty Acid Plant with SNP unit4942013
Sitara Chemical Industries Ltd.200 tpd Caustic Soda new plant8442013
Shakarganj Sugar Mills Ltd.35 T/h High Pressure Boiler + 3 MW Turbine2222013
Chashma Nuclear Power PlantC2 & C3 Power Plant2012
Olympia Chemical LimitedCoal based 1* 75 T/D Boiler DCS Project7042012
Hattar Chemical PlantComplete Plant Automation278402012
FARUKI Pulp Mills LtdComplete 200T/D Pulp Plant Automation project31002011-12
WAPDA KOTRI POWER PLANT174MW Turbine Up-gradation Project59522011-12
ITTEHAD Chemical LtdVMS & Load Management System1662011
PAECUtility Control2062011
WAPDA FaisalabadPower PlantWAPDA Faisalabad 8*25MW Power Plant57762010-11
Sitara Chemical Industries LtdM-IV 167T/D Ion exchange caustic soda with VMS11502010
Sitara Chemical Industries LtdCaustic Solidification Plant Unit IV1942010
Engro Chemical Limited60,000T/Y PVC DCS Project – Services only2010
Sitara Chemical IndustriesAmmonium Chloride Project2002009
Fine Gas LimitedAir Separation Project2009
KAPCOFault Diagnosis System Project802009
Chashma Nuclear Power PlantC2 Power Plant DCS Project2008-9
Fatima Sugar Mills LimitedFFE, RE & Liquor System Automation2442008-9
Suraj Fertilizer Limited220 T/D Sulfur Acid Project2002008-9
Dewan Salman Fiber Limited80T/H Boiler DCS Project (Replace ABB system)1962008
Sitara Chemical Industries LtdUnit #1&3 of Caustic Solidification DCS Project (Replace Honeywell)5602008
Pakitec Boards (Pvt) Ltd.Pakistan 30,000 T/Y Formaldehyde2402008
Bestway Cement LimitedComplete 3300 T/D Mustehkam Cement DCS Project75002008
Sitara Peroxide Limited40,000T/Y Hydrogen Peroxide DCS Project3542007
Sitara Chemical Industries Ltd.BMR-II 210T/D Ion Exchange Caustic Soda Project7682006

Instrumentation Success Stories

PA Chemical PlantKrohne and FantinelliFlowmeters Temperature
Transmitters, Guages
Intech Process AutomationKrohneCariolis Flowmeters2019
MOLOptasense UKTPI for Maramzai Mamikhel2019
MOLOptasense UKTPI Extension of Makori2019
Shahmurad Sugar MillsKrohneFlowmeters for Distillery2018
Madina Sugar Mills LtdKrohn, FujiComplete Instrumentation2018
Ramzan Sugar Mills LtdKrohne, Fuji,
Trimteck, Fantinelli, Intech, Warom, etc.
Complete Instrumentation and automation of
Distillery Unit 01
Century Paper MillsKrohneMagnetic Flow Meters2018
OGDCLKrohneRadar Level Transmitters2018
Bestway CementKrohneVortex Flow Meters2018
MOLOptasense UKTPI / PIDS for Mardankhel2018
Pak EthanolKrohneFlow Meters for Distillery2017
Engro Polymer &
KrohneRadar Level Transmitters2017
MOL PakistanOptasense UKThird Party Intrusion Detection System on 33km Makori East Gathering Network2016
Madina Sugar Mills Ltd.Krohne, Fuji,
Trimteck, Fantinelli
Complete Distillery & Boiler Instrumentation2016
FMC UnitedPLCFormulation Plant Automation using PLC2015
DDFC Pvt. Ltd.PLCBoiler Control using PLC2015
SSGCWAROMEx-proof Glands & Conduits worth over US$150,0002015
Tandliawala DistilleryKrohne, Fuji, TrimteckComplete instrumentation project2014
Bestway Cement HattarFujiContinuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS)2014
Hunza Sugar MillsKrohne, Fuji, TrimteckComplete instrumentation for distillery2013
Dewan CementFujiElectric SystemsGas Analyzer2013
OGDCLWarom Group ChinaWon a tender of 150 Explosion proof lights2011
ICI PaintsWarom Group China150 Explosion Proof Lights2011
Pakistan Steel MillsFuji Electric SystemsMicrojet Recorders2011
Fatima FertilizerKrohne/WaromPackage of Explosion Proof Lights and Flowmeters2010
Faruki Pulp MillsK-PatentsRefractometer2010
PackagesKrohne400 Flowmeters supplied2008
PackagesFuji Electric SystemsPressure Transmitters2008
Sui Northern Gas PipelineFuji Electric SystemsSupply & Installation of Pressure Transmitters2008
Kohat CementFuji Electric SystemsOnline Gas Analyzer2008
Mustehkam CementFuji Electric SystemsOnline Gas Analyzer2008
Gharibwal CementFuji Electric SystemsPressure Transmitters2007
Ghani GlassKrohneVortex Flowmeter2007
Baluchistan GlassEurotron ItalyInfrared IR thermometers2006
Bestway CementFuji Electric SystemsOnline Gas Analyzer for kiln2005
Pakistan SteelFuji Electric Systems24 Microject Recorders2005
Nimir Chemical IndustriesWarom Group China300 Explosion Proof Lights2005
Shakarganj Sugar MillsKrohne, Fuji, TrimteckInstrumentation for 50,000 liters/day Distillery2004