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DCS Project Completion of Bestway Cement, Hattar

The PLC/DCS system at Bestway Cement Plant has been upgraded/ Replaced with Chinese DCS system SUPCON. We had Siemens CEMAT version 4.1, commissioned in 1998 on Siemens S5 948 CPU. With the passage of time Siemens services for the installed system became unavailable and we have to go for the upgrade or replace the system. Due to flexibility of SUPCON DCS System, the software capacity was enhanced and developed to meet the plant requirement upto world well known DCS System. The job continued since 2010 and due to remarkable developments in Hardware as well as Software, the system was chosen for BCL Hattar plant. The installation took place in 25 Working days and complete DCS system comprises of 9000+ I/Os has been replaced and commissioned by Chinese and Pakistani Engineers.

The Plant first fired on 1st January 2016 and now it is under observation for its performance test. DCS Completion of Bestway Cement,Hattar

From: Muhammad Yousaf Akbar

Manager Electrical Automation & Instrumentation

Bestway Cement Plant, Hattar