The 12th International Pakistan Oil, Gas & Energy Exhibition (POGEE) was held in Lahore Expo Centre from May 28th ~ May 30th 2014. Our Principal SUPCON Technology China, participated this year. Clients from various industries including Oil and Gas, Power, Sugar, Cement, etc visited the Exhibition.

We had displayed a small demo unit of Supcon's flagship DCS model (ECS-700) which attracted the eye of many clients. Moreover, the famous Paperless recorders were also exhibited, which generated quite a few inquiries.

The chief guest Mr. Sher Ali Khan, Minister for Mines and Minerals, visited our stall and appreciated the efforts

Supcon has done in Pakistan. He discussed the upcoming coal projects and Supcon's contribution in the power industry.

SUPCON Group is a leading provider of automation and information technology products and solutions in China. SUPCON established its office in Pakistan in 2006 and since then SUPCON has completed 30 DCS & Instruments projects in different industries like Cement, Pulp & Paper, Sugar Industry, Chemical and Power Sector.

Overall it was a successful event, emphasizing the efforts to overcome energy crisis in Pakistan, and highlighting the upcoming power projects.