About Us

Control Systems Engineering is one of the leading engineering firms which has established itself as a leader in the design and implementation of Process Control and Industrial Automation. Since 1987, companies throughout Pakistan have relied on CSE for the successful integration of Industrial Control Systems and Process Instrumentation. The key to our success is our perseverance to understand the client's specific requirements, for which we provide tailored solutions.

CSE has extensive experience in Control Systems Integration and Industrial Automation. This entails in-depth knowledge of DCS, PLC and SCADA technologies along with Industrial Instrumentation such as the monitoring and control of Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Level, pH, Conductivity, Density, Viscosity and other various process parameters. Our product portfolio includes products from some of the most reputable companies in the world, such as Fuji Electric Systems Japan, Krohne Germany, Supcon China, Eurotron UK, Trimteck (Optimux) USA, and Warom China. CSE has the capability to work independently on projects, and when necessary, also design and integrate the best system solutions for its valuable clients.

In a market that has typically shown signs of slowing down, CSE has continued to increase market share and our sales have increased steadily for twenty seven consecutive years. Part of this can be explained by the complete package solution that we offer; including design, installation and commissioning, repair, while also maintaining an inventory of spare parts.

Areas of Expertise

One of CSE's advantages against its competitors is that it covers a much broader area of expertise than its competitors, offering complete integrated systems for its customer base. With its diversified knowledge base, CSE extends its services into three primary target market segments.

Industrial Automation Systems

Automation has now been to the plant floors for quite some time. With the computer becoming a common place work tool, companies are now striving to integrate the two technologies. Quality control and ISO documentation are now demanding that information in the plant controls be further developed to include this information. Systems must be enhanced and upgraded to get the information from the plant floor to the office environment.

CSE possesses abundant experience in all aspects of engineering such as CAD design, industrial controls, automation and integrating systems for process lines, packaging equipment and manufacturing. As an independent system integrator CSE is familiar with all major brands of equipment and has the expertise to configure the most appropriate system design and equipment for your application.

Burners and Combustion Controls

Combustion Control Systems are designed to serve several purposes; improve control of temperature, improve energy efficiency; improve environmental conditions. The result is improved convert level for the client, savings in energy and trouble free operation.

With the rising energy costs day by day, energy management systems and efficient Burners are laid to operate a profitable plant. With efficient Burner and Combustion Systems better results in production can be achieved and Controls Systems Engineering is helping the clients to achieve that.

Process Control Instrumentation

The foundation of (CSE) is specializing in process control; from the single component calibration or repair, to the design and startup of sophisticated Control Systems Technology. CSE's highly trained technical and engineering staff can meet all industrial requirements. Our clients rely on our ability to provide tailor-made systems that can identify Process, Product or Control problems.

Our Team

Control Systems Engineering has set up specialized team adapted to specific target market sectors. A team approach will provide for enhanced expertise in specific sectors resulting in the most update solutions. Members of each team possess a variety of skills and areas of specialization that complement each other and cover the diverse issues involved.

The company currently has a strong employee base, and is undergoing a structured, continued and controlled growth.

Our team gets specialized training from our Principals with respect to their products and services.

The key to our success is a proficient, experienced and dedicated team of individuals who has capability of performing multi tasks.

Commitment to Quality

Our company is devoted to provide quality products; chosen from the best manufacturers who specialize in industrial engineering; which are acclaimed worldwide.

CSE's commitment to quality is certainly catered in providing a solution to customer rather than just a product or service being delivered.

We ensure satisfaction to our customers by providing quality products with outstanding reliability and performance.

CSE is on the rise persistently and in a well thought out manner. This has been possible because of a proficient, experienced and dedicated team of individuals whom have compliance in performing multi tasks.